Are you looking for a way to maintain your tenemental property in Edinburgh?

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The Issue

If you are an owner of a flat in a tenement property it is in your interests to ensure that the common parts and roof of the building are well maintained and the money spent carefully and wisely. Unfortunately getting agreement between owners is often tricky. We make it easier.

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Why GLM?

As a firm of Building Surveyors, Architects and Project Managers, we provide a wide range of services mainly focusing on the maintenance, repair and upgrading of existing buildings.

The Service

Are you concerned about preserving the value of your tenemental property in the most cost effective way possible? This Shared Repairs service enables you to do just that.

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Take action today to protect your asset and take the first step towards managing the maintenance of your property.

The purpose of the survey is to identify the condition of the common fabric of the building having regard to its future maintenance and repair and to enable us to advise on the options for and cost of any necessary repairs and maintenance. Normally this will be undertaken in the course of a single inspection of the building from which we will produce our report.

We will inspect the common parts of the building to the extent that we are provided with ready access to them. If owners are aware of defects within individual units or flats that they believe to be part of the common repairing liability of the block, they must draw our attention to them and provide us with access.

The scope of the survey will only include those parts of the building that can be accessed without specialist access equipment such as hydraulic platforms, scaffolding or long ladders. We will need to be provided with keys to locked roof hatches and with access to back greens. We will not inspect parts of the building that are covered or inaccessible and we will not carry out destructive investigations so we will not be able to identify hidden defects. Tests will not be applied to service installations, flues or drains.

If, due to the limitations on what we are able to inspect, we are unable to provide a reasonably informed judgement as to the likely scope, scale and cost of repair works, we will provide a further quotation for any necessary additional inspections. These might include video inspections of drains, inspections of stonework using a hydraulic platform, core sampling to determine the presence of asbestos and opening up to determine the extent of decay. In the case of significant structural defects we may recommend the appointment of a structural engineer.