Are you looking for a way to maintain your tenemental property in Edinburgh?

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GLM will not carry out the survey until payment for each flat is received. You have two options when making payment for your Shared Repairs survey:

Lump Sum Payment – a nominated stair representative organises the collection of payments and makes a single payment into our client protected account.
• Rate = £140 per flat

Individual Payments – each flat owner is responsible for paying their share into our client protected account.
• Rate = £149 per flat*

*This is due to the extra administrative cost of processing and monitoring multiple payment sources

We highly recommend choosing the Lump Sum Payment route as it decreases cost per flat and allows us to book your survey as soon as possible.

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If there are defects inside any of the flats that you believe to be part of the common repairing liability and want us to look take a look at them tell us how to get in:

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The Service

Owner of a property in a tenement? Eventually it may become impossible to buy or sell flats in tenemental properties. We are here to help maintain your investments.

Why GLM?

As a firm of Building Surveyors, Architects and Project Managers, We provide a wide range of services mainly focusing on the maintenance, repair and upgrading of existing buildings.