Are you looking for a way to maintain your tenemental property in Edinburgh?

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As an owner of a property in a tenement, eventually it may become impossible to buy or sell flats in tenemental properties. Already some solicitors are advising people not to buy top floor flats.  

As a well-established firm Regulated by RICS, our Shared Repairs service works like this:


*Rate reduction when paying in a lump sum



  • If the owners repeat this process on an annual basis, much like an MOT, the subsequent reports and certificates will build up into a "Service Record" for the building. This will always be available to owners of the building online.

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Take action today to protect your asset and take the first step towards managing the maintenance of your property.


Why GLM?

As a firm of Building Surveyors, Architects and Project Managers, We provide a wide range of services mainly focusing on the maintenance, repair and upgrading of existing buildings.